The tax advisory team may assist the client in determining the domestic and international tax implications of a wide array of transactions. We provide both direct and indirect tax advice to both individuals and corporations. We have extensive experience with reading and interpreting local tax law as well as the wide range of treaties that Malta has concluded with its business partners. To ensure an exceptional service to our clients we also ensure that the client is informed of all the latest developments happening both locally and in an international context.

Our team has extensive experience in providing advice on;

Corporate tax

  • Business operations in Malta
  • Re-domiciliating a company to or from Malta
  • International transactions involving Malta
  • Restructuring, mergers and acquisitions

Personal Tax

  • Taking up residence in Malta
  • Individual Investment Program (Citizenship)
  • Taxation of investment income
  • Employment and social security
  • Trusts and foundations

Indirect Tax

  • Stamp duty implications of property and share transfers
  • VAT implications of International transactions
  • VAT implications of Yachts and Aircraft Leasing